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"My husband laughed when I ordered free groceries online. But when the groceries came..."

Rachel Higgs I admit. I didn't want to tell him at first. I've done some foolish things in the past and I didn't want this to be another. So I kept my online order a secret. The free groceries card arrived in a few days. I opened the package and was I surprised.

It was worth $500! Enough to last a long while!

Sure, my husband laughed when I told him how I'd ordered free groceries online, but that laugh turned into one giant smile when he found out how much I saved us! Now all my friends get their groceries card here absolutely free.

Rachel Higgs, Greenville, SC

"Groceries - Free. My brother's expression - Priceless"

Francis Myers That's my brother in the photo that I accidentally took. I wanted to send this over to you because it was so hilarious.

Those groceries amounted to about $200 and I didn't pay a single penny. I just used your card, isn't it great!

Francis Myers, Alta Loma, CA

"No more clipping coupons for me"

Stacey Tudor I hate clipping coupons, for many reasons. Mostly because the grocery coupons you see in the Sunday paper are virtually worthless.

Oh yes, please help me save 25 cents off Granny T's Kidney Sauce. Or buy 2 frozen TV dinners and get the third for half off! What a deal.

Your grocery card is the REAL deal. $500 value is just way too good to pass over.

Stacey Tudor, Jackson, GA

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Jamie Mead Great site. With five children it is hard to shop around for the best deals. This enables me to save money on groceries and use that money for the kids.

It really is great to save this much money on groceries. You've done a great thing by giving away groceries absolutely free.

Jamie Mead, Fowler, MI

"I almost paid the price for being too skeptical"

Regina Lee I'll admit, I was skeptical when I came across your website. I mean, how can someone say that I will save that much money on groceries every month.

If your giveaway program is actually genuine, everyone would be doing it. In any case, I took the plunge and signed up for your grocery card.

Three months later, you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that we have saved approximately $875 dollars in the past 90 days. I write this final note for any potential visitors: DON'T HESITATE to get this card.

Regina Lee, St. Louis, MO

"This is simply unbelievable!"

Pamella Rupert Its a nice feeling to just walk into the grocery store, pick up what I want, go to the cashier, and not even pay one penny for it. There are very few things that are free in this world and I didn't think groceries could be one of them. You proved me wrong.

Pamella Rupert, Oster, SC

"Oh thank you..."

Linda Ridge I have been unemployed for 4 months. I haven't been able to buy all of the groceries that we used to be able to buy. We also haven't eaten out in many months.

Through your groceries giveaway program, the money that we're now saving on groceries every month has given us the freedom to do other fun things like go out to the movies, do some extra shopping for the kids, etc, etc. May God bless you!

Linda Ridge, Newbury Park, CA

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